Jennifer's Videos

  • Shuttle Atlantis Ground Break Ceremony, Kennedy Space Center Florida

    Construction began on the Shuttle Atlantis this week at the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex in Florida. The exhibit hall that will house the historic spacecraft will be built a few miles from the lunch site of all the space shuttle missions. Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony was Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, joined by STS-135 Commander, NASA representative, and Delaware North contractor. Jennifer lobbied NASA to get Florida selected to be the final home for Shuttle Atlantis to be put on display.

  • Jennifer interview at the Myron Role Youth Camp

    The Myron Role Youth Camp gives these foster children something different outside of their element. Probably things they never would have had an opportunity to do before, for example; go swimming, doing an obstacle course, teambuilding, stress relievers, or conflict resolution. All of these things help both in the school and working environment.

    We need to be proactive in order for us to stop, either the abuse or the cycle of children getting into our juvenile justice system. We need to show them the positive way of life. They need to know that they are an added value to our society and the way we do that is through programs like this.

  • Jennifer interviews with Comcast Newsmakers about the status of the Space industry in Florida

    With the potential of over 80,000 workers who supported the space shuttle program in Florida, these workers may become unemployed. As the Chairperson of Florida Space Program, Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll worked with the Congress, NASA and the Air Force to bring more commercial space operations to Florida to fill this potential void.

    With the shuttle program ending, it does not mean that the space race is over and that there is no activity with space. With space exploration there are so many advancements in technology and medicine that we've taken for granted.